//Maxi Hydro – “Maxi One” Advanced Hydroponic Growing System

Maxi Hydro – “Maxi One” Advanced Hydroponic Growing System

$2,499.00 $1,699.00

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$1,699 Limited Quantity!

Complete kit includes:

  • Touch Panel Computer Control System
  • 3 Presets & 5 Manual Models With Password Activation
  • Easy to Use Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System For Bigger Yields
  • Air Circulation & Carbon Filter System For Odor Control
  • Quiet & Energy Efficient
  • 100% Light Containment
  • Plant Dryer and Curer
  • Reflective Panels For Even Distribution of Light
  • Secure Key Accessible Door Lock
  • Floor Wheels & Locks
  • Portable cloner (5 pods)
  • Drying rack (3 layers)
  • Drying rack hanger
  • Trimming scissor
  • 6″ pods x 4
  • Grow pebbles (3 bags)
  • Removeable Odor filter
  • MH light 400w x 1pcs
  • HPS light 400w x 1pcs
  • Tools hangers bracket x 4pcs
  • Trellis net x 3 sets
  • Trellis zip ties

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MaxiOne, is a commercial grade hydroponics system with a 4 plant grow section. It also comes with a desktop unit for your clones so that you can have a continuous, year-round harvest. We provide everything including all accessories and essentials with this system. All you need are the plants or seeds.

Dimensions – 75″H X 30″W X 28″D

The MaxiOne is light tight and odor proof. It uses a carbon filter to block out odors. You also get a locking system to protect your plants (comes with lock and key). You can grow non-stop with the MaxiOne since it is an all-in-one system meaning more yields. Finally, you get a 1 year warranty and unlimited tech support via phone or email with this product.

The desktop cloning system holds 5 plants. You can remove the top shelves to manipulate the height as desired.

1 review for Maxi Hydro – “Maxi One” Advanced Hydroponic Growing System

  1. Alex

    Simple and easy to use, it’s is really the ultimate indoor hydroponics system. The construction of the system is very well built, very heavy duty looking. Touch panel is easy to use but need some time to get used to it. The portable cloning machine was great, did couple clones batches and it works super well. I just placed the newly clones into the cabinet, can’t wait to see the final results!!

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