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Automate 90% Of Your Organic Plants Growth & Harvest

Growing Your Prefect Strains In A Total Controlled Enviroment For Bigger & Better Quality Yields.

  • Computer Touch Panel Control System (Password Enabled)
  • 100% Light Containment With Professional Steel Built
  • Extremely Quiet & Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Use Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System For Accelerated Growth & Bigger Yields
  • Reflective Panels Allow Even Distribution of Light
  • Air Circulation & Odor Containment System For Complete Odor Control
  • Simple To Clean, and Built To Last With Minimal Work
  • Secure Key Accessible Door Lock

Computer Control System

Control Everything you Need with the Easy to Use Touch Screen Control Panel.

Hydroponic Water Tray

Easily Maintain your Plants Nutrients and Water Level with Our Hydroponic System Tray

LED or HPS Light

Get Maximum Yields from Plants with High Quality LED & HPS Lights for Vegetation and Flowering

Replaceable Carbon Filter

Ensure your Vegetation has the Best Quality Air & Odor Control with Our High Quality Carbon Filtering

  1. Heavy Duty Industrial Steel construction
  2. Three year warranty on the box itself, one year warranty on the LED lights plus a one year warranty on everything else.
  3. Computer Control Touch Panel System, preset model or five self adjust mode
  4. Wifi connection via Android System, view your system anytime, anywhere
  5. Odor eliminator with Carbon Filter
  6. Complete Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System
  7. Industrial premium grade finish
  8. Complete Air Circulation design
When growing indoors cleanliness is key. That’s why all of the parts that go into The MaxiOne have been specifically designed for ease of use and clean operation. There are no places for mold or mildew to hide in the control environment for your organic produce.
This is dependent on a several factors. If you’re growing from seeds it’s going to take a little bit longer because you have to germinate them first. If you’re growing from clones you can start vegging then flower them almost immediately (depending on their size).

The MaxiOne is a single growing chamber giving you the most growing space possible. If you have a supply of clones you can plant your 4 clones in the unit and expect to harvest them in about 6-8 weeks.

If you’re growing from seed you’ll need to germinate and veg your plants which will require about 4 weeks longer to harvest.

The MaxiOne will grow four plants to harvest. Depending on the plants that you’re growing, you can expect maximum yield.

All-In-One Grow/Clone System.

Maxi Hydro’s MaxiOne Is The Must Have Growing Unit Designed with Simple To Use Easy & Automated Way To Clone For Maximum Yield In The Perfect Environment Desired.

Separate Cloning Box Included

Clone Vegetation at the Perfect Size with Our Simple Table Top Cloning System

Cloning Box

$199 – Included with Order

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